How PUVA Therapy is Administered

Your doctor will prescribe the appropriate number of Oxsoralen-Ultra® (Methoxsalen Capsules, USP, 10mg) capsules to take before a PUVA treatment. Be sure to always take the exact dosage prescribed. Swallow the capsules with low-fat food or milk 1.5 to 2 hours before UVA exposure.3

The PUVA treatment should only take place in your doctor's office, where you will stand in a special lighted area or booth for a short period of time. (A hand-held light unit may be used for smaller body areas.) In the PUVA treatment area, you will be surrounded by light bulbs that deliver special UVA light. You will be unclothed or partially clothed (depending on the size of the area to be treated) and you must wear UVA protective goggles, which will be provided by your doctor. Male genitalia must be shielded unless the area is being treated for psoriasis. Other sensitive areas such as the face, lips and breasts may also require protection.3 Treatment time may last from a few seconds to over 10 minutes and may vary from one treatment to the next.